Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are fitted directly into the mouth after one or more teeth are extracted.  Teeth can also be added to an existing denture and fitted immediately over the extraction site.

In both instances the advice is to wear the denture for 24 hours after the extraction without removing it.  This helps to hold the blood clot in place, keeping food debris away from the extraction site and help ‘mould’ the shape of healing.

After this time, for the first few days the denture should be removed and cleaned after meals but replaced quickly, still wearing it at night.  The denture is likely to be sore to bite hard on for a few days as it will rest on the site of the extraction.  Increasing soreness or a throbbing ache and bad taste are signs of infection and it is important to contact the practice if this occurs.

There will be considerable change to the shape of the tissue under the plastic of the denture in the area of the extraction in the following weeks and months.  This may necessitate relining of the denture in this area or even occasionally (especially with multiple extractions) constructing a new denture.  The developing gap under the denture can allow food trapping, rubbing of the lip or cheek, increasing looseness or affect the speech.