Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

You can expect no surprises concerning treatments, fees or financial arrangements. You will always be in control of what is happening to you. We will provide a full written treatment plan and estimate of costs, after full discussion with Simon, for each new course of treatment. No treatment will be undertaken without your consent. We require each account to be settled in full by the last appointment to which it relates. Payment can be made by eftpos, credit card, cheque or cash and a receipt will be issued for each payment made. Payments that are made in full within 7 days of the completion of treatment will receive a 10% discount.

It is our wish to make your visit to us as pleasant and pain free as possible. We will take the time to examine, diagnose and plan any treatment with you and we will do it comprehensively.

If we cannot perform your dentistry comfortably, we won't do it here. We will make alternative arrangements for your care suitable to you.

We recommend and perform dentistry for you as we do for ourselves and our families, and we are committed to doing it right first time.

We will not treat any disease or condition until the cause has been determined, addressed and brought under control.

We provide dentistry for people who are serious about their dental health. We encourage timely action because the longer treatment is postponed the more complex, uncomfortable, uncertain and expensive it becomes.

We will ensure that your confidentiality is respected at all times. A rigorous cross-infection control policy is maintained at this practice at all times.

You are the expert on yourself, particularly the outcomes that are important to you. We are the experts in clinical dentistry. We will not get the distinction confused.

We will always do our best.

Thank you for choosing this dental practice.