If you think that your teeth are too dark or discoloured we can lighten them.  This is a simple procedure that is carried out at home, is pain free and can produce amazing results.

Unsightly or misshapen teeth can be re-contoured to make them blend in with your other teeth using ceramic veneers.

Do you have old crowns on your front teeth that do not match your other teeth? We can replace them with natural looking metal-free ceramic crowns.

If you have old or stained fillings that are visible when you smile, we can improve them with tooth-coloured restorations.

Large old silver amalgam fillings often become unsightly.  We can replace them with tooth-coloured restorations, or ceramic inlays.

If you have missing teeth we can fill the spaces with bridges or implants.

Do you have a denture which looks or feels false? We can, in the majority of cases, produce natural looking cosmetic dentures or implants for an improved appearance and better bite.

Are your teeth stained or your gums red and swollen? We can improve the appearance of both with periodontal treatment and polishing.

If your teeth are twisted, crowded or out of line it is never too late to improve them.  We may be able to improve your smile with ceramic crowns or veneers.

Are the tips of your teeth uneven? Often we can quickly, painlessly and without the need for anaesthetic re-contour or level the tips of your teeth to improve your smile.