Do your gums bleed when brushing? Do you get a bad taste in your mouth or around some teeth? Do your gums look red and swollen? Modern periodontal treatment will ensure trouble-free healthy gums.

Do your teeth keep breaking? We can help strengthen them with ceramic crowns.

If you have missing teeth certain problems can occur (apart from the obvious one of spoiling your smile!) There may be movement of the teeth nearby which will affect your bite and then possibly your gum health. We can replace missing teeth with bridges or implants.

Are you unhappy with your old plastic partial denture? We can replace it with a metal-based denture which will be stronger, tighter, less damaging to your gums and more comfortable to wear. Or talk to us about dental implants.

Tooth decay is painful and it can be expensive to repair the damage.  Decrease your chances of decay with preventative treatment.  Regular routine examinations are an excellent step towards optimum dental health.

Are your teeth sensitive to cold? Consider desensitising treatments.

If you play contact sports regularly we can supply a custom made mouth guard (gum-shield) to protect your teeth.

We all suffer symptoms of stress.  We can reduce headaches and tension pains around the jaws with splints.