E4D Nevo Restorations - Same Day Dentistry

In the Practice, we provide one of the most exciting new developments in dentistry.  

We have invested in the E4D Nevo System which enables us to provide ceramic restorations to replace damaged teeth in a single visit.  

Instead of mouthfuls of messy impression materials and long waits with temporaries we can digitally scan the damaged tooth.  We can then design a custom-made restoration to your individual needs.  This is then transferred to our milling unit where your custom designed crown, inlay, veneer or bridge is created right here in our practice while you relax in the waiting room with a cup of tea.  Once the item is milled it is fitted straight away so no need for extra appointments.

Our digital laser scanner uses the latest laser technology which is not only extremely precise but also as safe as the scanner used in your supermarket.  The digital scan is clean and fast and does away with those unpleasant impressions.

Another benefit of our new system is that it is all done in a single visit, saving you time.  Your completed crown, veneer, inlay or bridge is fitted at the same appointment so avoiding the hassle of temporaries and second visits.